Astaro ipsec vpn client download

Astaro ipsec vpn client

Name: Astaro ipsec vpn client

File size: 360mb

Upload: 18.5.2015

Language: English

Rating: 3/10

File format: RAR



You can download astaro ipsec vpn client on the site

For the authentication type, choose Preshared key , and input the same value inputted into the Kerio Control tunnel properties. I have tried this process and it is extremely easy and takes care of all the heavy lifting of getting the configuration right, however, the client is downloaded with a 30 day trial license. I have ran it both in a software based applianced running on a whitebox atom powered machine and also in a VMware virtual machine which is the current configuration I have running due to the great CPU power I have available from my VMware host.